Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Cal: Police brutality in Berkeley (video)

Miles Matthews,, Occupy Cal, The Daily Californian, Wisdom Quarterly
(Nov. 10, 2011) Our own media won't cover what really happens, but , the British tabloid press,, and Al Jazeera sometimes will.

(Video by Miles Mathews, CalTV) US paramilitary forces in riot gear clashed with dissenting students at Cal Berkeley after demonstrators refused to dismantle their Occupy Cal camp. Tents were erected following a march protesting tuition fee increases for students -- in solidarity with the broader Occupy Wall Street movement. Several activists were arrested, some were beaten with impunity by police with batons, guns, spies, mace, cannons, and secret disorienting weapons.

Police are free to riot: totalitarian tactics on kids

The crowds at UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza at 10:30 pm, Wed., Nov. 4, 2011 (

Occupy Cal protest sees large crowds, police violence
Amruta Trivedi (
On a day marked by large crowds and violence between protesters and police, UC Berkeley students and community members established an Occupy Cal encampment on Sproul Plaza, despite it going directly against campus policy.

The encampment, approved in a nearly unanimous general assembly vote by the protest’s participants, was formed to show solidarity with the national Occupy movement but focused on the increased privatization of the UC system... More (Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 at 1:01 am, updated at 4:19 am).

UC students were arrested and suffered injuries following a police crackdown on an attempted campus. ­"We had the tents set up for about a half an hour when the police decided they wanted to shut down the camp," student protester Eric Uribe recalled in an interview with RT.

"What the students did is they set up a human wall around the tents. Soon after that, the police approached with full force in riot gear, with batons. We had no intention to move, but they jabbed some of us repeatedly in the stomach, pulling people onto the floor and arresting them." Hundreds of protesters had gathered at the town's Sproul Plaza to protest against tuition fee increases and public education funding cuts.