Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brunch on the Beach with Ajahn Thanasanti

Awakening Truth, Wisdom Quarterly, Against the Stream, Occupy Los Angeles

SANTA MONICA BEACH, California - An unfamiliar moisture forms over the LA basin. It washes down to the sea. There, huddled like stray coyotes, are the tattooed love children of ATS and WQ in honor of Theravada Buddhist nun Thanasanti, affectionately referred to as Amma.
THE PLAN: meditation, food, and fun. But the nagas, who rule the water, must have gotten the sky devas to bring precipitation. It's like Bangkok in the foothills. One can only imagine what the shore is like. Nagas will not stand for easygoing times, hanging out, volleyball, or a potluck. Bring thick sunscreen. We recommend SPF-Raincoat.

Occupation Meditation

Then after we are soaking wet from the beach, we are going to try to dry out at another action. Wisdom Quarterly and Against the Stream brings Amma to lead a meditation to wrap a two-day teach-in:
  • Occupy Los Angeles
  • Sunday, Nov. 6, 4:00-5:00 pm
  • Downtown City Hall encampment
  • Meditation Temple (Tent), near northside steps