Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Want Total WAR! (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS)
() The US will not back down creating a pretext to attack Iran, raising fears IAEA findings will be misused. Israel threatens to attack even without proof. Meanwhile, the mainstream media "reports" that Iran implicitly admits it is pursuing a nuclear bomb program. This is just like the excuses used to invade Iraq. John Glaser, an assistant editor at, says US is constantly pushing Iran to create a nuclear bomb.

By "we" is meant the US military-industrial complex. That is the 1% (one percent) -- Wall Street bankers and Pentagon neocons in charge of the US government since at least the time of Cheney/Bush and their ideal heir Obama.

By "war" is meant endless, corporate-profiteering, Nineteen Eighty-Four style military conflict. (In Orwell's novel, Big Brother was always at war with one of the other blocs, a useful enemy to stir up the population, keep them fearful, and keep them impoverished).

By "total" is meant "full spectrum dominance" of the region -- and that includes invading Iran. Iran is already being softened in the north as Turkey is destabilized by our HAARP weaponry.
Obama is will to pull troops out of Iraq (leaving lots of "advisers" and businessmen). Where to next, fearless leader?