Friday, November 4, 2011

Palestine in, UNESCO out, Gaza flotilla

Amber Dorrian (Wisdom Quarterly),, Christian Science Monitor
Half of Palestine's 1.5 million people are under the age of 15 (

This week, with tears in our eyes, we witnessed history in the making when UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) voted in favor of admitting Palestine as a full member.
This marks a major step in the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination in spite of unbelievable Israeli (and complicit American) oppression.

A second flotilla of peace in support of Gaza has gone forth in support of equality (NT).

UNESCO’s mission is to contribute to building peace, eradicating poverty, and creating sustainable development and intercultural dialogue. It accomplishes this through education, the sciences, culture, communication, and information. All the while they emphasize gender equity.

These sound like the goals of CODEPINK, Wisdom Quarterly, and other progressive organizations. This admirable institution will now include Palestine, a move that has been greeted with both celebration and condemnation.

What has been the US response?

Israeli Navy boards protest boats bound for Gaza (Fox News)

While the whole world was watching, the US government again flouted international will by opposing Palestinian membership (along with only 13 other countries, none from the EU save Germany). On Halloween the US pledged to kill all funding to UNESCO, against its own best interest... More

Drones and mechanical war? Not in our name.