Monday, November 7, 2011

Herman "Koch" Cain: Sexual Harasser?

Wisdom Quarterly, NY Daily
Sharon Bialek, the fourth woman to claim presidential hopeful Herman Cain harassed her, is shown here at a press conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred (TMZ).

Cain, who is funded by the notorious Koch multi-billionaire brothers -- who also funded the Tea Party AstroTurf campaign and Scott Walker's betrayal of the people and unions in Madison, Wisconsin -- is in a lot of trouble.

Rising in the polls, laying waste to Willard "Mittens" Romney and Rick Perry, corporate darling Herman Cain is facing mounting allegations. At least three lawsuits were settled, but only one accuser has since stepped forward and gone public. It would have been nice to finally have black president, but not if he got there by being a worse sell-out than our warmongering yes man, B.S. Obama.

Controversial poster almost revealing a woman's body covered up (

Cain faces fourth sexual harassment claim
New York Daily News

Herman Cain won’t be getting “back on message” anytime soon. Sharon Bialek, a fourth woman accusing Cain of sexual harassment, went public on Monday in a press conference with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred.

Bialek, a mother of three that Allred introduced as a registered Republican, revealed her encounter with the Republican candidate in 1997 in which she says he crossed the line when she asked him for help getting a job after being let go from the National Restaurant Association's educational foundation.

"He put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals," Bialek said. "He also grabbed my head and brought it to his crotch." At that point, Bialek says, Cain justified his actions by saying, "You want a job, right?" More (+ video)

Cain feels the heat during DC meeting after fourth emerges (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters).