Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Police State? Who said Police State?

Coast to Coast,, Josh Tolley, Wisdom Quarterly
Even the "right" opposes a police state. It blames the "left" (Red vs Blue), loves capitalism, supports police and war, tends to be racist and Christian. But nobody wants to live under a totalitarian regime like we do thanks to the shadow government pushing for the NWO.

Preserving freedom -- right wing style. Alternative media activist Alex Jones appeared on Coast to Coast (11-9-11). Like Jesse Ventura he is consumed with exposing the forces really controlling world events and preserving personal freedoms.

Having grown up in Texas, he witnessed corruption (by police) at an early age. He became an avid history student. And while still in high school, he started recognizing anti-gun, anti-family, globalist indoctrination. His college in Austin was pro-World Government... "a eugenics, transhumanist... total scientific dictatorship domination program."

Alex Jones was saying the same things a year ago.

After observing tragic police state oppression in Waco and Oklahoma City, he took to the airwaves on Public Access TV, radio, then the Web. He believes Timothy McVeigh was a patsy similar to Oswald.

"I never intended to try to be in the media; I wanted to work outside," said Jones. But as he learned of "total political takeover" and "New World Order brainwashing," he felt he had to warn people.

Legal to carry, but me frisking you is legal if I say it is.

He claims that what drives him is his quest for liberty, freedom, and fair play. "My goal is for us to learn from history and have a freer, libertarian, constitutional society," he explains. We are at a huge crossroads right now, and rather than the "greedy and hateful Illuminati" controlling human destiny, "I want to empower the better aspects of humanity and really see how far we can go."

Guns, capitalism, and free trade for freedom?

Regarding the TSA's invasive pat downs and [cancer and blindness causing] X-ray machines, he believes they are part of a plan "to break our will, and to train us that we have absolutely zero rights, zero liberties, and that the government any time it wants can pull you over, or come into your house without a warrant."

Jones announced that in addition to his radio show, he is now hosting Info Wars Nightly News, a live video news program covering the day's headlines, with unscripted analysis.