Monday, November 14, 2011

What police are capable of (graphic video)

WARNING: Graphic police state violence against innocent civilians

East Timor massacre: US-armed troops kill demonstrators
This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor. On Nov. 12, 1991, Indonesian troops fired on a peaceful memorial procession in the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili, killing more than 270 East Timorese. Two decades later, Amnesty International has called for a judicial inquiry into the massacre, noting that the failure "to hold all the perpetrators to account highlights a wider problem of impunity for crimes under international law and other human rights violations committed during the Indonesian occupation of Timor-Leste (then East Timor) between 1975 and 1999." We play an excerpt from the 1992 documentary "Massacre: The Story of East Timor" produced by journalist Allan Nairn and Amy Goodman on dictator Suharto's Bush and US-backed crimes. More

Massacre: The Story of East Timor (See PART 1)