Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy: How to beat Police (video)

Lyssa Clayton, Eva Schonveld (Giraffe Talk); M.B. Rosenberg; Wisdom Quarterly
SYSTEM OF A DOWN shows the problem. Occupy Wall Street is the backdrop. Police State resistance is what we want to overcome. NVC is how.

How to be heard in the peaceful Occupy Movement

How can I communicate with [brutal police and occupiers who act like violent] children?

One of the biggest issues for me is how I communicate or fail to communicate.

With the best of intentions I have found myself saying things in ways which make things worse.

I sometimes find it nearly impossible not to slip down the slope of judging, blaming, criticizing [and subduing them with batons, mace, projectiles weapons, flash grenades, and automatic gunfire].

() Animated introduction to meeting everyone's need
How many of us end up saying things in a tone that has unpleasant "you’re bad" connotations?
  • “You always ____”
  • “Why can’t you just do/not do x, y, z?”
How many of us find we have forced [others] to do something we wanted but felt very unhappy about how we achieved it?

For many of us, much of how we relate to our children [and others] is [how we were related to as children and by others]. At its root it is based on coercion: the “you will get/not get something if you don’t cooperate.”

The sub-text in a lot of our everyday wrangles with [others] is, “I’m bigger and stronger than you, so you are going to have to do what I say” (because "might makes right").

[This is exactly what police and the Police State behind them believe! There is an easier way to win, just as martial arts are not based on strength and force but rather receiving, redirecting, and flowing.]

We teach our children [and police] values more deeply through how we interact with them than what we preach at them.

[Hey, fat f@#%n p!gs, F### Y*U, f@$ci$t$!!!]

Communicating like protesters instead of police
Rosenberg explains Nonviolent Communication.

So are there ways to change how we communicate at a deep level [to make it effective in actually getting what we want rather than provoking a negative reaction]?

Is there a tool, a technique? Is there help, support, a way to begin?

Faced daily with feelings of exasperation and powerlessness in my [tent], I was intrigued and excited to hear about the idea of Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication.

The word "violent" in this context refers to the way we can hurt or damage people through the use of words which do not respect another as worthy of our compassion and understanding, rather than necessarily [physically harming them].

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
The process of NVC was developed by Dr. Rosenberg in response to growing up in Detroit in a culture colored with violence and riots. He found himself exploring two major questions.
  1. What happens to disconnect us from our compassionate nature, leading us to behave in a violent and exploitative way?
  2. What allows some people to remain connected to their compassionate nature under even the most trying circumstances?

How to get respect or what you want with Lisa