Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 (11:11 am) Meditation

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Sundry groups sat in unity with a worldwide matrix of meditators on the northside steps in the heart of Los Angeles, Camp City Hall. Meanwhile, around the world and across occupation sites, peace demonstrators began to follow the words:

Think with your heart, love with your mind.

"Jay Baba," a disciple of Himalayan master Yogiraj Siddhanath, lead a moonlight sit the night before on the southside steps following general assembly. The technique we employed to hold the peace involved becoming the Moon, facing the Earth, and flooding our planet and everyone on it with love.

After all, this is not an anti-Wall Street protest. It is a pro-99% movement. Give fairness a chance, Corporate demagogues. Give generosity a try. Since there is not enough for even one bank's greed -- which becomes too big to bail -- there might just be enough for everyone's need. Thriving never has to mean depriving others. Win-win is our goal, with institutions, with each others, with the world.
  • VIDEO: livestreamed at courtesy of Yoga Activist Arthur Klein (the Guru Within) and the Occupy Los Angeles Media Tent.
  • Organize meditation flash mobs, yoga, and interfaith community services at the new dedicated Interfaith Tent (southside), Meditation Temple tent (a Magdha creation), and daily Yoga Loft yoga instruction (5:00 pm, southside steps).