Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Martine Batchelor at Against the Stream

Creative Engagement
Against the Stream MELROSE is pleased to have Martine Batchelor as a guest for this special evening. She will speak on how we can creatively engage with ourselves and the world. This talk will explore meditation as a process of un-grasping, releasing, and thus allowing a creative response.

Batchelor was born in France and spent ten years in a Korean monastery studying Zen Buddhism. Then she met Buddhist writer and former monk Stephen Batchelor. She is now a guiding teacher at Gaia House in England. She was a founding teacher of the Sharpham College of Buddhist Studies. With her husband Stephen, she leads meditation retreats worldwide and lives in Southwest France. Her books include Buddhism and Ecology; Walking on Lotus Flowers; Women in Korean Zen, and Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits. Her most recent book is The Spirit of the Buddha.