Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free the Slaves (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (Green Fest LA, Oct. 29, 2011),
Together we can end it: 1320 19th St. NW Ste. 600, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 775-7480.

Now that Demi Moore is divorcing a philandering Ashton Kutcher, who will bring attention to child sex trafficking and the plight of underage prostitutes in the US? Who will stop the beatings of unpaid laborers? Who will get rights for domestic help treated worse than pets?

Jessica Gardiner answers questions and admires newborn. "Our mission is simple: We liberate modern slaves around the world then help them build their lives as human beings" (WQ/Seven).

Slavery goes far deeper than girls being forced to be molested to profit pimps and impoverished madams in secret brothels, who frequently trick parents into selling their children into indentured servitude or a better future -- never realizing what that means.

How to do something about it:

Impersonal economic forces ruin lives, but so do the very personal choices of white slavers, purchasers, money launderers, and capitalists with the next best thing to gold: free disposable labor. Most of us are "wage slaves," but at least we get wages and can act as if we were free. Imagine losing even those two perks.

Talking about an incomprehensible topic sometimes means just pointing at pictures. Gardiner grieves while producer Harold Linde fields questions (WQ/Seven).

Free The Slaves occupied a booth across from John Perkins -- the former self-described "economic hitman" for the US military-industrial complex -- at this weekend's Green Fest. Twin ghosts, beautiful young ladies with gaunt and haunted faces called attention to a taboo topic. An oversized picture book by Lisa Kristine. FTS

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