Friday, November 4, 2011

Mindful Living/Neurobiology of Love (UCLA)

Mindful Living and the Neurobiology of Love: Finding Inner Peace and Interpersonal Connection in a Changing and Uncertain World. In this two-day event, internationally esteemed Buddhist scholar and leader in the field of mindfulness meditation JACK KORNFIELD joins us.

Pioneer in the field of interpersonal neurobiology and mental health Daniel Siegel joins him to explore how we can awaken the mind and live with peace and kindness in our most intimate relationships.

Weaving an in-depth immersion in direct experience with cutting edge views into the inner functions of the brain, Kornfield and Siegel will lay out a new way of understanding how our connections with others -- and ourselves -- provide the foundation for living a healthy, joyful, and wise life. More

Professional and contemplative practitioners alike will find value in this educational journey that provides practical steps to transforming one’s own inner architecture as well as liberating the mind’s innate drive toward compassionate and empathic relationships. Built on thousands of years of reflective practice and an innovative synthesis of over a dozen branches of contemporary science, "Mindful Living and the Neurobiology of Love" integrates the best of ancient wisdom with the power of empirical research to provide a timely vision into the nature of a healthy way of being in our modern and ever-changing world wtih 13 CEUs available. More