Friday, November 4, 2011

Zen Buddhism with Alan Watts (Sunday radio)

Roy (of Hollywood) Tuckman, KPFK FM, Pacifica Radio, Wisdom Quarterly
The Book by Alan Watts is a stunning essay on “the taboo against knowing who you are.” In particular, he offers a devastating critique for any looking to “change the world” (Illustration: Randal Roberts/

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Alan Watts Sundays, 8:00 am PST, 11:00 am EST
KPFK (90.7 FM), Los Angeles or listen worldwide
For more than 40 years Alan Watts has earned a reputation as one of the foremost interpreters of Zen and Eastern philosophies for the West. Listen free online.

Beginning at the age of 16, when he wrote essay for the journal of the Buddhist Lodge in London, he developed an audience of millions who were enriched through his books, recordings, and lectures on radio, television, and in public appearances.

In all, Watts has written more than 25 books and recorded hundreds of lectures and seminars, all building toward a personal philosophy he shares candidly and joyfully with his and listeners throughout the world.

His overall works have presented a model of individuality and self-expression that can be matched by few philosophers. The three main sources for Alan Watts tapes and information are:
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