Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday: All-night dance at Occupy LA (11-11-11)

PROTEST FEST: Occupy Los Angeles, Dev (Wisdom Quarterly), DJ Anonymous
What it might look like -- before the rain starts

On arrival, be careful about these 11 types of dance injuries (

The Los Angeles occupation is growing. On Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 (11-11-11) at 4:00 pm there begins an all-night Protest Fest concert/dance/rave. It will feature various DJ in the plaza under the southside steps. STOMP @ City Hall promises to be the largest peaceful action since tents brought back the spirit of a 1960's style youth movement that can no longer be dismissed by the mainstream media as mere "camping." There will be DJs, meditation, yoga, tables, big tents, and all the features Occupy LA has grown famous for in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Bring your ideas to the movement during the planning stages, at the [alternative] media tent, and put a West Coast twist on this party for the 99%.

(Facebook/Daily Mail)

STOMP @ City Hall, Friday, Nov. 11, 4:00 pm (clip courtesy of EDC 2011)

It started with 12 students on Wall Street...
(Daily Mail/ Protest enters [another] week with activists in Los Angeles saying they will remain "indefinitely." Demonstrators [unwilling to quietly accept] corporate greed along with U.S. banking and political systems [police abuse, endless war, poverty, hypocrisy...] Major cities across the U.S. are today bracing themselves for more protests against corporate America as the Occupy Wall Street campaign enters its [another] week and gathers pace. The demonstrations, which began in New York City, have already spread to Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle.
(EDC The Movie) Revolutionary rock and folk galvanized the '60s, as rave and punk do now. Sex, drugs, and raucous music are demonized just as they were in the '50s when repression led to the backlash called the Sixties.