Sunday, November 13, 2011

One More Violent Revolution?

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORS)

A man sitting on his sofa was badgered by his wife to get rid of the dead weight around the house. "What dead weight?"

"Like your parents, for instance," she answered.

"But they're my parents!" he protested.

"They're nothing but dead weight," she argued. Finally, she convinced him to do away with them by pushing them over a cliff and into an abyss.

So one day he tossed them into an old wheelbarrow and trudged up the mountainside.

They were happy about the adventure, the great view, and the time spent with their son, not realizing their fate. He pushed on silently resigned to what he felt he had to do.

They finally reached the top where the view was grand in the dimming light. And they realized why they had been brought here.

They looked at their son, who was silent, and asked of him one final favor.

"What is it?" he moaned.

"Son, make sure that when you throw us over, nothing happens to this old barrow," they pleaded.

"Why!?" he demanded.

"Because, my boy, one day your son is going to need it."

They turned back with tears in their eyes and together and discussed how they might grow in peace, each playing a part, each expressing gratitude, each remembering how we are all part of one another.

Because we cannot thrive apart, we have to thrive together. A violent revolution never accomplished anything but more violence.