Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mayan Calendar: Shifting to the Aquarian Age

Nina Persson ("NSB"),,, Occupy Sweden

THE AQUARIAN SHIFT means... I can't get out of bed. Can't get my dreams out of my sleepy head. I open up my eyes and wonder where you are. And soon I realize that you're not real. And I am. In between a day and dream, life and death are a lazy, crazy stream. I go against the stream. But that, too, is part of the dream. Hello, goodbye, you shifting, starlit screen! I try to seal my mind and get back to where you were. You were that perfect kind. I'm floating down again. And my world is a syrup waterfall. I can't remember when. Or where. Or why. Where is my enlightenment? The world does not shift (revolve, evolve) without a revolution.

The Age of Aquarius is when peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars.

The Revolution

(Oct. 7, 2011) The banker backlash in the United States is spreading, with major rallies held in the capital, Los Angeles, and other cities. Thousands have joined to express their distress at economic inequalities, war spending, environmental degradation, and high unemployment.

The peace demonstrations began last month when protesters started pitching tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange under the banner "Occupy Wall Street." Heavy-handed police, given financial donations by the banks, were filmed using batons and pepper spray to violently disperse the demonstrators.

The aftermath of years of financial strife is causing people's hope and patience to run out. And they are upset at the banks (foreclosing on homeowners after cheating them with dishonest loans, a credit crisis, and constantly draining the economy with welfare bail outs) for triggering the strife in the first place. Journalists reporting on the campaign, themselves unconstitutionally subjected to arrest and harassment, say the protesters will continue demanding social and economic justice.