"Not only does the meat industry inflict cruelty, it also wastes huge amounts of water and damages the planet," says Megan. "You can't eat meat and be an environmentalist."

PETA: "Green means vegan" because "1 lb. of meat = 6 months of showers."
Model: Raegen Payne (TheGoodMuse), Green Fest LA (Wisdom Quarterly).

A recent U.N. report calls the livestock industry "a key player in increasing water use" and "probably the largest sectoral source of water pollution."

On top of that, billions of animals raised for food each year endure routine abuse on crowded, filthy factory farms, where they are subjected to brutality and painful mutilations before being sent to slaughter and butchered while still conscious.

Help fight the worldwide freshwater shortage and save up to 100 animals per year by going vegan today.