Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama not assassinated but man charged


A man (Oscar Ortega, 21) has been arrested and charged with attempting to assassinate Pres. [of the Corporation of the United States] B.S. Obama. He shot at the White House from a half-mile away... while the Obamas were out of the country. Nevertheless, this will serve as a sufficient pretext to bump up security, strengthen the Secret Police (service), and clamp down on already draconian DC (District of Columbia, a private imperial seat of power like the Vatican and a few blocks of London, outside of the United States proper) measures to seal off the people's capital.
Any Excuse to Step Up Security
Christian-Science Monitor (
The man accused of shooting at the White House with an assault rifle will appear Thursday afternoon in federal court in Pennsylvania for an extradition hearing, after which he is expected to be moved to Washington, D.C., to face charges of carrying a dangerous weapon.
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested Wednesday by Pennsylvania State Police acting on a tip from the Secret Service. There are indications that Mr. Ortega-Hernandez felt he was part of a “personal mission from God,” the AP reported, quoting investigative authorities.

The AP also said there are signs the alleged shooter was obsessed with Pres. Obama. The president and Mrs. Obama were on a trip... More