Friday, October 7, 2011

Alternatives to Prison (video)

Wisdom Quarterly, Industrial Complex

Is privatization and the creation of "Gladiator Schools" in a prison-industrial complex the answer?

If asking one prison to beat, maim, or kill another is not effective, torture is prescribed (forced cell extraction, sitting on, arm twisting, manhandling, hog tying, pepper spraying, stripping naked, beating, concussion, choke holds, beatings, shooting, blinding, and on to death) at the discretion of prison guards and officials. Crime? Disobeying or not obeying quickly enough to suit draconian standard procedures. This torture is filmed because it complies with standards and practices. The camera is turned off when guards choose to employ "cruel and unusual" measures they would never likely be prosecuted for or even charged with.
Occupy Wall Street protesters driven by varying goals
[W]eeks into an anti-greed sit-in, the "leaderless resistance movement" is at a crossroads. Day # of Occupy Wall Street begins with a march through the streets of Lower Manhattan (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

NEW YORK (LA Times) - Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon have dropped in. A seasoned diplomat dispenses free advice. Supporters send everything from boxes of food and clothes to Whole Foods gift cards. They even have their own app, for the legions of fans following them on iPhones and Androids. Source

Alternative to Incarceration, Reentry in New York