Friday, October 28, 2011

Police attempt to murder Iraq War Vet (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
Using threats and force to press for a triumph of will over others is a police state tactic once called "fascism" and now called special weapons and tactics (SWAT) operations.

() Eyewitnesses in Oakland have put up footage of the police's violent tactics against activists. Here is one of the latest videos of the incident referred to in Marina Portnaya's report. An Iraq War veteran was injured.

Marine veteran Scott Olsen is seen lying on the ground after being shot in the head by a police officer wielding a tear gas canister propeller, fracturing Olsen's skull and swelling his brain. When a group of activists run to his aid, a policeman deliberately takes aim at the protesters, misusing a "non-lethal" weapon in an illegally deadly fashion with complete immunity. Police then lob a flash bomb at the group to prevent them from aiding Olsen. It goes off immediately, terrorizing the unarmed civilians being subjected to indiscriminate deadly force.

"Veterans for Peace" member Scott Olsen was critically wounded by Oakland Police who are believed to have been joined by 15 other government agencies. Together they fired on unarmed American citizens. When the government uses violence to suppress its people it is a form of fascism.