Friday, October 21, 2011

The Greatest President We Never Had

Pat Macpherson (Wisdom Quarterly)

Will B.S. Obama be JFK or just the third Pres. George Bush? A relative of Dick Cheney, BSO (Barry Soetoro Obama) has been the most effective instrument of the "military-industrial complex" since Pres. Eisenhower named it.

He has done everything the Right wanted and more. But due to intransigent racism and a hatred of all things "liberal" or even slightly left of moderate, the Right does not like him. The Left is humiliated, betrayed, let down, and holding on to hope.

It only seems to get worse with Herman "Koch" Cain, Mitt "Mormon" Romney, Michelle "Palin" Bachmann, Chris "Christ" Christie, Rick "Big Pharma" Perry... Will the Powers That Be ever allow the people a voice?

Do Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul have any chance whatsoever -- even if they get all the votes? Not unless they give in to the economic hitman. And to think, the "change" we voted for was to go from war criminal Bush to a new MLK, Jr.

Drape me in a flag, and I'll make them proud (as I sell them out).