Monday, October 17, 2011

Mainstream News: "Police are troublemakers"

Wisdom Quarterly

MSNBC is a corporate outlet. It purports to represent the "liberal" side as a ridiculous counterpart to Fox News' "conservative" extremes. It is part and parcel of the mainstream media.

This piece is important only because it is mainstream coverage of the protests. It is surprising that the powers that be allow MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnel to go this far in getting at the truth.

This may seem an insignificant report compared to all the video out there and all the injustice (most police crimes are not videotaped). But this is where reform starts.

The protests are filled with individuals who will no longer condone how corrupt our government, banks, military-industrial complex, and other corporate bodies have become. The Fed (The Federal Reserve Bank, Inc.), which is a private bank serving its own interests not the government's, is the lynchpin.

It is not the only corrupt body on Wall Street. The other private banks use it to rob the country blind with political help and blessings.

Many protesters have additional messages to be heard. There are many injustices, many causes, many routes to freedom. Most American only know that they are unhappy and in danger. Most of us want to create a better world, better society, better states.

In the beginning there was a mainstream media blackout on the Occupy Movement. Long before that the corruption of the Fed was avoided. The bailouts, the political maneuvering by Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Bush I is what we want to bring to light.

The Fed has handed out over $16 trillion ($2 trillion more than the national debt that took over two centuries to rack up) to private banks and corporations in the past four years. As suffering people not given a voice have increasingly "acted out," the military-industrial complex has funded a police state. We are spied on, and the constitutional protects and civil rights have been disregarded, rewritten, or simply violated.

  • A "trillion" is a thousand billion, a billion is thousand million.
  • A million seconds is about 12 days, but...
  • A trillion seconds is 32 thousand years.

But none of this was addressed by the mainstream media because that media is owned by the very corporations it fails to report on. The people did not elect the news staffs or editors, the oil ("energy") corporations or executives, the PR firms, nor were they approved of by the people.

These are red flags! Even "reputable" links prove what is being said. No special interpretation is necessary. Let us all make sure the current protests make these secrets known.

Bank (economic) crimes lead to unthinkable war (military) crimes. Because of poverty, brought on by corporate greed, members of society turn on themselves then turn on others in the greater world. We, the USA, are the empire to fear. Before long another empire will ascend. Just as we make others suffer, so we will suffer. Of course, only some of us are doing it. Therefore, it is the job of the rest of us to stop it. People (whistle blowers) defect from being part of the problem to contributing to the solution. Meanwhile, others (the media) deny there is any problem at all.