Friday, October 28, 2011

It's a Police State now (video)

() This footage is unbelievable. So please spread it as quickly as possible before it gets removed. Authorities have already spoken to Google and YouTube demanding that all police brutality videos be taken down. So much for free speech.

Pretext: "It's not healthy for these kids to camp like they're homeless." Force: Coordinated paramilitary city police. Victim ("enemy"): Peaceful demonstrators occupying public square to call attention to broken economic, political, and educational system. The world is not working under American capitalism, which is owned, controlled, and in service of corporations not the people they purport to serve. Solution: More occupiers.

The police did not feel safe. So they suited up and mowed down the unarmed opposition. It's just like NFL football... except with guns, concussive grenades, tear gas, blunt force trauma inducing batons, torture technique training, and virtual immunity from prosecution for brutality and assault.

Protesters vow return to plaza despite ouster
Photo: Occupy San Diego property seized by police in early-morning sweep. Credit: John Gibbins / San Diego Union-Tribune(LA Times) Occupy San Diego protesters vowed Friday to return to the civic plaza behind City Hall despite being ousted and their tents removed by a massive police sweep hours earlier. "The police were completely out of line," said protest leader Ray Lutz. "This insidious show of force has only energized our movement. We're going to be even stronger." More