Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 10 Demands at Occupy Protests

The Activist Beat with Rose Aguilar (Your Call, KALW) is a roundup of activism the mainstream media ignores, under covers, or misrepresents (

  1. Jail the banksters
  2. Help folks stay in their homes
  3. Stop the buying of politicians
  4. Corporations are not people
  5. Support public education
  6. Put the unemployed to work
  7. Assist the less fortunate
  8. Health care for all
  9. Stop the wars
  10. Love our mother!

After spending the last year covering under covered activism, it’s heartening to see the Occupy Wall Street movement gain so much [mainstream] momentum.

While the movement is getting the coverage it deserves in the national media, several talking heads still can’t seem to figure out what the people want. They’re either really good actors or even more disconnected than I thought.

All they have to do is venture out and ask questions.... John Sutter, a building contractor, held a professional looking “Top 10 Demands sign.” More