Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy The Valley (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

Occupy San Diego will not be stopped by oppressive police tactics. Instead, the Occupy Movement in California is growing in response.

This is our currency! We will occupy it! (

It will soon be in Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks (the world-famous Valley), which is part of the San Fernando Valley in northwest Los Angeles County. It is also coming to Pasadena, in the progressive adjacent northeast San Gabriel Valley. These are largely residential enclaves in the megalopolis that is 50-mile-long "Los Angeles." The people united will never be defeated.
Wolf condemns "Stalinist" erosion of protest rights Author Naomi Wolf is arrested in New York at an Occupy Wall Street protest Author Naomi Wolf and her partner Avram Ludwig are arrested in New York at an Occupy Wall Street protest ( Shane).

(Guardian) Feminist author Naomi Wolf has criticized the erosion of the right to public protest in the United States after she was arrested alongside Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York City. Wolf was led away in handcuffs after addressing protesters outside an awards ceremony held to honor New York's governor, at which she was a guest. The author had disputed claims by police that a permit granted to the event -- organized by the Huffington Post website on Tuesday night -- allowed them to clear the sidewalk outside the venue in the Soho district of Manhattan. More