Monday, October 17, 2011

Woman dragged in bank then arrested (video)

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It is not enough not to protest. The secret police (undercover agents infiltrating peaceful movements) will drag you into the bank then arrest you for protesting in the bank.

It sounds Orwellian. It sounds impossible. It happened recently at CitiBank, Inc.

A plainclothes policeman dragged a woman into a bank protest to arrest her as an occupier of the bank. What was she doing? Was she trying to help the "occupiers" inside the bank get media attention or legal help? That will not be tolerated in Bush/Cheney/Obama's America! No, actually, she was a Citibank customer trying to close her account.

Corporate crime is organized, the best organized crime there is.

Close Your Account, Go to Jail FORUM (edited)
I can not believe what I have witnessed in this video. Will they be showing this on the mainstream news?

People went in to close their Citibank accounts. But instead they were locked in the bank and arrested. Citibank claims they entered the bank as a large mob screaming and chanting. However, things appear to be very quiet and civilized until the police show up.

There is a female Citibank customer still outside trying to get her account closed. She is talking to a few of them from outside the glass when an undercover cop grabs her and with the help of a banker and police with clubs forcefully drags her in the bank. A man who tries to help her gets dragged in, too.

The Koch Brothers love what corporations are capable of.

She screams and clearly looks distressed, not understanding why she is being manhandled. The police HELP drag her into the bank! Then everyone starts yelling "this is wrong," "shame," "you are disgusting!" I found it highly disturbing.

Police are the Troublemakers at Peaceful Protests

Citibank knows he [yes "he," Mr. Citibank is a "corporate person" with more rights than you or I] can do whatever he wants under the present system.

He is an organized criminal, more umbrella than person, for criminals wearing suits. And the people's police are little better. Citibank supports its local police the way Wall Street donated to have the Occupy Wall Street movement kept as far from Wall St. as possible. More

Forget the People, Power to the Banks!