Friday, October 28, 2011

Our DNA has been altered (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
() What evidence is there that we were genetically altered?

Science is wrong or misinforming and disinforming us about evolution. A God did not "create" the living beings on Earth.

But "gods" (alien visitors, devas, nagas, asuras, annunaki, elohim, nephilim) from on high -- Mt. Sumeru, Mt. Olympus, Mt. Fuji, or any high point, which is simply an interpretation of coming down from a land above -- may well have.

Those visitors may have taken off from within Earth or simply another more advanced part of it. There have always been progressive and regressive areas, and it is the advanced areas that make contact.

Based on archaeological evidence, Zacharia Sitchin proposes that the Anunnaki (Hebrew, Anakeim, Nephilim, Elohim; Egyptian, Neter) were an advanced civilization from space who splashed down in the Persian Gulf about 432,000 years ago and colonized the planet to mine gold. Then 250,000 years ago, the miners rebelled, and the Anunnaki directorate decided to create a creature to take their place (

The Sumerian "gods," the Annunaki or "those who came down from the sky," are just like the "gods" and demigods of India, Greece, Rome, and every known culture across the planet.

Even the Judeo-Christian Bible (Old and New Testaments combined) tell the story. God is always plural, which makes sense in monotheistic and polytheistic traditions that revere one highest God. Study of ancient Hebrew reveals that the Bible does not say most of what we are taught.

Instead, we are taught distortions. Oftentimes, what it says is the opposite. Taking half-quotes out of context serves to control people in the service of empires and churches. Meanwhile, the imperial population at large and community (which is what a "church" originally meant, not its administrative hierarchy or saints) have been enslaved just like the Annunaki and Raja Nagas once enslaved earthlings.