Monday, October 31, 2011

Sex Slavery is Kind of Sexy (video)

I. Rony (Wisdom Quarterly)

How did sex, such a lovely thing, turn into slavery, abuse, and rape? It cannot help that so many societies are hypocritical about the subject. It is taboo to even mention. We are shame for any overt sign of lust or longing, for any lack or limitation. All that hypocrisy and shaming comes back.

There is a less savory side to trying to satisfy sensual cravings.

It comes in the form of organized sex abuse. Maybe we should rethink our attitudes, mores we contribute to by participating in mainstream media images and roles. The result of ignoring the issue is not a tragedy in Thailand (the Southeast Asian hub), Hollywood, New York, Paris, London, and Amsterdam. It is a tragedy everywhere.

It's one arena where whites are in as much jeopardy as everyone else, only we do not know it. "That's something that only happens over there," we say. Where? Where our dads go on business? It may be sexy. But imagine a world where ordinary sex were sexy.

The story is best told in pictures, but words are worth...

In England and Latin America?

In Capitalist Russia, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?