Friday, October 28, 2011

Teen dies from smoking synthetic pot

Real thing still illegal

A 13-year-old in the U.S. who became ill after smoking synthetic marijuana and had a double lung transplant has died. Tonya Rice tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper that her son, Brandon, died Thursday morning at a Pennsylvania hospital. The boy smoked the fake marijuana out of a plastic candy dispenser and suffered chemical burns to both lungs. More

Why is Hemp Illegal?
Cannabis is a plant with many uses. It has always been popular with industry -- until it realized it could monopolize and make more money from deadly petroleum products. Who needs strong HEMP fiber, balanced oil, super protein, cancer medicine (it actually selectively eliminates cancer cells), or just about anything else when PLASTICS can be used to make toxic cloth (polyester), solvents, flavorings, preservatives, or deadly carcinogens?

Hemp is not marijuana. Anyone who smokes recreationally bears the unhealthy result of such abuse. "Marijuana" is an invention of a well orchestrated propaganda campaign paid for by the petrochemical industry. To take the psychoactive ingredient and breed plant strains that specifically promote abuse and addiction -- while pretending it is just individuals doing the research and development without clandestine government help -- is one of the great lies of our time.


Marijuana has become a scourge, whereas hemp is a green solution to many post-industrial problems. After making tobacco toxic (it is said only cigarettes cause cancer, not the unadulterated plant in its natural state) industry sold it, made it as addictive as it could, and finally tried everything it could to avoid liability while the foolish in all quarters did the sensible thing of stating that there was no scientific link establishing a connection between smoking and cancer. They did not subsequently come forward to apologize for their tragic myopia.

In the same way, pot abuse and the "War on Drugs" conceals and distracts from the benefits of hemp. Obama has turned his back on normalizing cannabis laws in favor of Bush-era police state crackdowns on medical dispensaries.