Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy returns, police clamp down (video)

The Blaze, The Guardian, Wisdom Quarterly, RT, SF Chronicle
Minute 2:00 shows Wisdom Quarterly analyzing what is motivating the police state.

Tear gas was used in a military action against peaceful civilian protesters under the pretext of shooting at, arresting, destroying the encampment and materials, and brutalizing them for their own good. Like the My Lai Massacre, the police are "destroying them to save them."

A crowd of roughly 400 Occupy Oakland protesters clashed with police Tuesday evening while trying to reclaim a campsite that they had been ousted from earlier in the day. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the crowd marched from the public library toward [Oscar Grant] Plaza at about 5:00 pm, vowing to confront police.

(The Blaze/Jonathon M. Seidl) - We’ve already brought you some pictures and video from the Occupy Oakland eviction last night, but this morning it seems things were much worse.... police used [deadly, canon-style projectile] rubber bullets on the crowd. Intrepid blogger Zombie put together a collage of videos and pictures the seem to capture the full chaos of what happened. Here’s how he describes it in his piece, “Rioting in Downtown Oakland as Occupiers Clash with Police”... More

Police shoot Vet, toss grenade at people who come to his aid

( Protesters have returned to downtown Oakland, California, to demand the resignation of the city's mayor and an investigation to explain how an Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, was hit in the head by a teargas canister at close range, leaving him critically injured [skull fracture, brain swelling]. About 2,000 people -- half as many as Tuesday night -- massed in front of City Hall on Wednesday, tearing down a steel barricade intended to keep them off the grass in [Oscar Grant] Plaza. More