Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Karma," a supernatural thriller (movie)

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BOLLYWOOD, India - "Karma" is an off-beat, supernatural thriller set in the United States telling a story woven around Hindu mythology.

Padma (Jade Tailor) is an Indian American kid whose dad is killed in front of the temple by the temple priest when he questions the holy man about misusing temple donations for drug peddling.

Trailer (in Hindi)

Padma's mother (Bhanu Yanamandra) takes Padma away to settle in the remote city of Shamrock. While in her 20s, Padma loses her mother too.

Her friend Raj (Sher Ali) expresses his love for her, but she doesn't reciprocate. He nevertheless remains a friend she can turn to in her hour of need.

Dev and Sumati visit Padma, because Sumati was a very close friend of Padma's mother.

But how did they know that Padma's mother passed away? Padma lives in isolation, and no one relayed the news. That is only the first question that surprises Padma.

Dev simply says he just "knows" certain things before they happen. Padma is strangely drawn towards Dev. And as Dev and Padma get closer, Padma learns more and more... Why did Dev really come? Does he really have supernatural powers? Can Raj win over Padma?

O, karma is a convoluted thing!