Friday, October 21, 2011

Dr. Gabor Mate @ Occupy Wall Street (video)

Democracy Now!, Occupy Wall Street
LINK (, Oct. 11, 2011)

On a trip from Vancouver, Dr. Gabor Maté stopped by Occupy Wall Street. He talked to "Democracy Now!" host Amy Goodman and observed:

"50 percent of American adults have a chronic medical illness. And much of that has to do with stress. And if you look at the literature of what causes stress, it's uncertainty and lack of information and loss of control, and lack of expression of self.

"And the uncertainty that has been forced upon the American population by the recent economic crisis -- the loss of control as power has flown into the hands of very, very few people, and the absolute powerlessness of the many in the face of all that, and the lack of expression through the ordinary political process -- people are totally disempowered and deprived of their voice.

"This protest addresses all those issues. So I can only say that this is an extraordinarily healthy thing to happen. People who participate here will be healthier as a result. And maybe society in general as well."