Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Berkeley in the Sixties (video)

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Joined by labor unions, protesters march from Foley Square to Zuccotti Park, NY (Reuters/AlJazeera).

UC Berkeley was occupied giving rise to a generation of activists (Criticalthinking007)

"You will respect my authoritay!" is the police mantra chanted around the country. Teachers, unions, professionals can all join students, activists, and elderly demonstrators. The mantra is the same. As now, so in the 1960s. Then it was illegal wars, racism, and a lack of civil rights for all. Today the issues are far more pressing -- a matter of survival. Having enough to eat as bankers give a new spin to the ancient "Let them eat cake" utterance that preceded the French Revolution commemorated by Bastille Day. Wall Street onlookers from on high giggle "Let them sip champagne." "People over Profits" as transport unions join Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

Power to the People
A diverse group of powerful unions has joined demonstrations in New York's financial district, lending some focus, credibility and potentially hundreds of participants to a movement that began with a few university students.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protest movement, which began three weeks ago in New York's financial hub, was joined on Wednesday by a dozen US labor unions.

Among those who joined the clamor were members of the Chinatown Tenants Union and the Transit Workers Union, the liberal group, [CodePink,] and community organizations such as the Working Families Party and United NY. More