Monday, October 3, 2011

Karma Police: Protesting in 1984 vs. 2011 (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

(Against Apathy Blog, video by Earley15, "Karma Police" by Radiohead) Occupy SF
History is very educational. If we learn from it, there is no need to repeat it. Some gods say there is nothing new under the Sun. And back in 1984, the hardest workers among the other 99 percent of the British population went on strike. How most people viewed the action depended on how the mainstream media portrayed it.

Those who saw it from the side of police and bankers (funding the police and politicians) sympathized with the right. But when images started to emerge from the side of the demonstrators, suddenly people could sympathize with striking coal miners. At least the miners had a job.
US citizens, dissidents, students, and rabble-rousers who are occupying Wall Street are usually sinking into debt with or without a job. When they protest, to begin with people blame them. But as time goes on, it becomes clear that society (the banking-credit-debt system) will be upheld by paramilitary forces (peace officers) brutalizing anyone standing up for civil rights, economic fairness, constitutional rights, equality, or even basic human rights.

() How does Wall Street feel about protests? Unidentified occupants watching from on high in balconies along Wall Street sip champagne and watch the show (Source).

What are the bankers up to as poorly paid blue collar police do the dirty work of holding white collar crime in place?