Thursday, October 6, 2011

Collective Collapse and the End of Time

Never before have so many peoples, cultures, religions (and their monuments and messages) been brought together in a chorus of wisdom, enlightenment, and ascension. Aztecs, Buddhists (Morton claims to have lived and trained with Nepalese Buddhists in the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition), Egyptians, Mayans, and the Bible all converge in a grand concordance of information. Their collective message speaks of “fantastic and amazing changes” in the way(s) we think and live. As we move through a “stargate” in this “Age of Wonders,” there is peril and potential.

Comets, Crop Circles,
Collective Collapse, and the End of Time
Sean David Morton's message (Wisdom Quarterly)
We are hurtling into the winds of a perfect storm. Astronomical [and astrological], economic, cometary, and Mayan calendar alignments could either doom us all or elevate us into a fabulous new way of living.

But the super technology of a small global elite (a Shadow Government composed of bankers, industry, corporate entities, paid scientists, and secret military that rules over our elected government) has triggered massive Earth changes.
This shadowy force has altered the physical and magnetic poles of the Earth. Given its choice (and taking into consideration the unrecognized effects of exopolitics), will we be saved from certain doom or reduced in number to 500 million people?

The world financial crisis is not accidental.

We must explore predictions about solar cycles, Elenin, the Red Star Kachina, and stunning new discoveries relating to the 2012 alignment of the Great Pyramids of Giza. More comets are coming at us. Crop circles have predictions embedded in them.

NO PREDICTION HAS TO COME TRUE. "Prediction" (or "prophecy" in the sense Gregg Braden uses it) is about potential events and doing something to choose another way.

Exopolitics deals with the biggest secret of all.

The end of TIME is not the end of the world, just the world as we know it. We soon come to the end of an age. We may already be there. Social and cultural change do not happen overnight.
  • The way we live our lives depends on us. More greed, hatred/fear, delusion? Or mutual caring, peace, and wisdom?

Sean David Morton is a seer, researcher, and author. His stunning predictions brought him international recognition as America's premiere futurist. A pioneer in remote viewing, referred to by Art Bell as "America's Prophet,” he is an award-winning independent filmmaker. He has appeared on countless TV and radio shows. His startling visions, intensity of presentation, and sense of humor make him a popular speaker. He is tireless in his quest to bring light and media attention to the paranormal and to help bring about the ascension of humankind. He is the author of Veil of the Anti-Christ and Sands of Time.

UFOs, whatever they may be, play a role.