Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dog mauls Cat (graphic video)

CC Liu, Amber Dorrian, PFC Sandoval, Allen Weiss (Wisdom Quarterly)
Unions join Occupy Wall Street demonstrators today. Will the dogs behave? (

Should a Cat Strike Back?
Just as in the animal plane, so in the human. Dogs tear at cats, aggressors at pacifists, fear against peace. Fear is a form of hate. So love and peace must be demolished, batons against flowers. There is an ancient Indian sentiment about how the peaceful, beautiful flower" people respond to forces dressed in black hoping to provoke "rioting" to justify cracking and instituting Marshall law:

Just as the sandalwood tree sprinkles
Perfume on the very axe that lays it low
So the good/wise person showers with
Love even those who approach as foes.

"Poetic justice" is not justice. Police use these incidents to justify preemptive brutality. There are a great many back up troops to conduct mass attacks in an unending bouts of retaliation.

In the movie "Berkeley in the Sixties," many students talk about how police coralled them, blocking from leaving campus after a sit in/speech. A military helicopter was getting into position to tear gas them. It did as the riot police laughed, swung batons, and arrested anyone still standing. Business as usual.

Police train to corral peaceful demonstrators. Now they are "illegally" assembled. And it is time to round them up. It just happened in the arrest of 700 peaceful activists led onto then trapped on the Brooklyn bridge -- misguiding them into actions they can be arrested, shot, brutalized, or maced over. It is no accident, no crossed signals, no error. This is how they are drilled in from covert training manuals. The CIA has its own Anarchist's Cookbook. They want activists to break the law to counter it with draconian tactics, torture, brutality, and a militaristic mentality.

The US illegally invaded Buddhist countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) in covert wars. American college students stood up. Massacres of students by the police that provoke rather than pacify them is exactly what "peace" officers train and hope for.