Monday, October 3, 2011

Unified Field Theory SOLVED (equation)

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The Heart Sutra in Korean Zen (Ch'an, Seon) Buddhism (somewhereindhamma blog)

And the answer is... First of all, there is a Buddhist physics? Yes, Buddhism teaches practical physics necessary for releasing the mind/heart from clinging to illusion and suffering.

And the answer is... Wait. Does an answer make sense without posing the original question? In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, we learned that THE ANSWER to "life, the universe, and everything" was "42." With that information in hand, we should have been happy. But we were not, because what exactly was the question?

"How many roads must a Man travel?" "At what age does enlightenment dawn?" ... "What is 6 times 7?"

Bodhi Dharma (above) found "zen" (jhana) after emptying his mind, just as Einstein noted that a solution cannot be found at the level of the problem. Hard at fun or fun at work, Einstein did not give up on solving the UFT equation. "Hard work" is no way to find something this elusive (The Masters of Enlightenment: Albert Einstein/

Similarly, amateur physicists hanker for a working equation, but most of us have forgotten the question. In the Hitchhiker's Guide, The Question was not well formed. As such, it was not properly posed to the semi-sentient supercomputer who calculated for generations to produce The Answer.

Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and the founder of Raytheon worked very hard before Einstein died in search of the answer.

Apparently, they found it. But Einstein died just after he formulated the equation, according to the controversial author Sean David Morton. He is not speculating but reporting. His sources, unfortunately, remain secret -- at their own request. And out of deference to their wishes Morton has novelized the story of how the answer was found, where it has been all this time, and what has been done with it by the military and parts of the government we know very little about.

Rest assured, something has been done with it. It is not a breakthrough to the secretive powers that be. And the fact that mainstream scientists are allowed to report that some particles, perhaps the most numerous in the universe (shy neutrinos that rarely interact), move faster than light goes to show secret science has moved so far ahead that it does not matter if we are now openly told special relativity is far from the whole story. Oh yeah, the answer is:

S = -MgC*dsb

This is a working equation (solution) for Einstein's Unified Field Theory. It should make about as much sense as E=MC2 or 42. Fortunately, it is explained in Sean David Morton's new book Sands of Time. We believe. And there are many reasons people should look to intuitive-futurists for mind-bending solutions that elude great mathematical geniuses. As the Buddha learned under the Bodhi Tree (and possibly Newton, Adam, and Eve under an apple tree), the answer does not come from muscling, pushing, straining, or "efforting." Instead, it comes from letting go.
  • [Of course, this right brain letting go makes more sense and seems more effective if it is done after putting forward extreme effort by using the left brain, as Watson and Crick found out when vision gave them the double-helix design they could not force out of their rational calculations.]
Time really is not different from space. Time-space echoes what Mahayana Buddhist thinkers may have been hinting at in the famous Heart (of Wisdom) Sutra when they spoke of what Mu Soeng [an American of Indian descent who spent 11 years as an ordained Korean Zen Buddhist monk in Korea] translates "space-time" as "point-instants" in explaining that "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form."
  • Points are kalapas (particles), and cittas (consciousness moments or cognitions) are instants in the older Theravada Buddhist commentaries Mahayana Buddhists were trying to explain and improve on. Thank you to PasaDharma Zen Group for its ongoing study of this important text: