Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why I could never be a Christian (video)

Wells, Xochitl, Liu (Wisdom Quarterly)

What cabal controls this back-door government and its front-office administrations? And what spirit possessed this good person to stand on her dung heap reviling everyone else's?
This seems to prove that a fundamentalist can easily be possessed by the "dark side" s/he so fears. We saw this when it originally aired and never got over it. We don't blame good Saint Issa, nor do we think that all or even most Christians are like this. Yet, our psyches still feel damaged. An amazing accomplishment if it is Mara or some other inimical force (like FOX) at the root of this astounding display of all that's wrong with closed minded people. What set off this good person? She was exposed to a liberal radio show discussing the unthinkable, atheism, as seen here on "Trading Spouses."

Reality? This aired on broadcast TV in prime time.

Jesus Camp for children -- with parental force.

(BBC) Creationists conquer evolution and high school.