Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yogis: Detox with the Change of Seasons

Devi Kelly (Wisdom Quarterly), Ami Fox (Fox Power Yoga), Claudia Davila (FranLife)
As we move from spring to fall, a gentle cleanse ensures good health (Rileyo/Flickr).

Seasons have officially switched over with the Equinox. So now is a great time for a detoxifying cleanse. A full body cleanse is like a yogi flu shot. (Avoid toxic vaccines being offered all around town). Our immune systems become stronger as winter approaches, and we are less inclined to fall ill.

What cleanse to choose and for how long? Those new to cleanses should start slowly. A 24 hour cleanse is enough. See how it is. If all goes well, extend it a day or two. Being too ambitious does more harm than good. Those with experience and who know it feels great can go for 5 to 7 days.

For cleanses of all durations, the first thing to do in the morning on waking is drink water with a fresh squeezed lemon. This cleanses and is healing to the liver. This is a good idea for every day, detoxifying or not.

Drinking the juice of a fresh squeezed lemon with a drop of lemon oil and a drop of peppermint oil accomplishes the thing.
  • Things to avoid on any cleanse: alcohol, sugar, caffeine, meat, fish, soy, white flour, white rice, processed foods, everything packaged or fried. What's left? Make food from scratch to know all the ingredients. It also helps to avoid sources of EMF contamination: TV, computer, cell and cordless phones, and over stimulation in general.
Sleep more, do less, rest. This is the body's time to heal. Listen to soothing music. Drink herbal teas. Walk in nature. Be silent.

Type of Cleanse
There are two main schools of thought, Ayurvedic and raw cleansing. The Ayurvedic approach means sipping lots of hot herbal teas and enjoying well cooked vegetables.

The main recommendation is to consume kitchari: a mung bean, whole grain rice curry as one's primary source of nutrition: RECIPE (FranLife).

Kitchari heals all constitutions.
VATA stir in coconut butter.
PITTA halve garlic, ginger, chilies.
KAPHA use savory Basmati brown rice.

This meal is a complete protein from the combination of legumes and carbs. It is said to be easy for the body to digest, giving the body a rest, although some disagree. Digestive enzymes always help make foods easier on the body.

The raw option means eating all fruits and vegetables, salads and fresh vegetable juices. These provide fresh enzymes for the body and great nutrients. I prefer a combination of both.

A massage during a cleanse moves lymph and aid detoxifying. Using warm sesame seed oil from the scalp to the toes, followed by a warm bath. If it feels good, incorporate it daily. Avoid intense workouts, no boot camp, calisthenics, spin, and so on. Exercise should be gentle yoga or leisurely walks in nature. Enjoy!

Genes are turned on/off depending on what we put in our mouths.

"Dumb" Neanderthals likely had smart diet
Instead of Neanderthals being dim-witted hunters who only dined on big game, new findings suggest they had more balanced diets, with broad menus that may have included...plants. [Yes, they ate their veggies.] Neanderthals are currently our closest known extinct relatives, near enough to modern humans to interbreed, with Neanderthal DNA making up 1 to 4 percent of modern Eurasian genomes. A host of recent findings suggest they were not only close genetically, but may have shared many other traits with us, such as creating art. More