Monday, May 23, 2011

"Barry O'Bama" dazzles Ireland (video)

With a forged birth certificate, anything's possible for Baraig Barry Soetoro O'Bama

DUBLIN, Ireland (CNN) - Thousands of jubilant Irishmen and women gave U.S. President Barack Obama a virtual hero's welcome Monday, embracing him as one of their own in a visit that included a campaign-style speech in downtown Dublin and a stop at the president's ancestral home.

Addressing an estimated crowd of 25,000 people at Dublin's famed College Green, Obama praised the "centuries-old relationship" between Ireland and America, and said he had traveled to Ireland "to reaffirm those bonds of affection."

The stop came on the first day of Obama's six-day, four-country European tour, which will also take the president to Britain, France and Poland. More (with VIDEO)

The Global Finance Connection
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)

MONEYGALL, Ireland - Icelandic volcano eruption welcomes O'Bama to Europe again. There's a wee bit o' Irish in just about everyone now. The devas that hybridized humans on the Emerald Isle, with their strange red hair and freckled translucent skin not accustomed to our decreasingly filtered sunlight (thanks to environmental degradation and atmospheric deterioration), ventured far. The new gene sequences even made it into future World Leader Barry O'Bama and previous dictator Dick Cheney and others.

It's a long way for green to go, but we are all one human race. And that includes our extraterrestrial forebears. Yes, there are relations all over the galaxy, but even if revealed on a large scale, it will be too hard to believe.

Meanwhile, on a small scale: It's no accident who gets selected to rule. Karma plays a major role, and the powers that be know it. So bloodlines, horoscopes, speaking abilities, and grooming go a long way.

Unfortunately, so does the governing war mentality, the long history of naga (reptile-hybrid) influence, and the survival of world mythological traditions that hold the essence of the story in our awareness.

Why is O'Bama in there an economic connection? Ruling the world means ruling money, banking, and high finance. With the coming economic collapse, the fall of the dollar that precipitates a rearrangement of the [Brave New] World Order: