Wednesday, May 11, 2011

War and More War for the U.S.

First Saddam Hussein (Iraq) was the bogeyman, then Bin Laden (Afghanistan), then Qaddafi (Libya), now who will serve that role for us in Pakistan?

(May 9, 2011) At least 17 suspected militants were killed in a drone attack in Waziristan, on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, on Friday. The attack by four American unmanned "drone" aircraft is the first such operation in Pakistan since bin Laden’s execution by US Special Forces a week ago. The drone attacks have sparked severe anti-American sentiment against the Obama Administration.

Meanwhile, the US government has released [doctored] home videos of bin Laden rehearsing for his video addresses. The material was obtained during the raid last week and was released in order to undermine bin Laden’s martyrdom. In the wake of the operation, Pakistanis have expressed concern that the US violated Pakistani sovereignty during its mission to capture bin Laden because it operated without the consent.…

Are we trying to involve ourselves in more wars to feed our military-industrial complex, the main beneficiary of our policies? Or why are we not satisfied with attacking and destroying three countries in our alleged revenge campaign for 911?