Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Moon is full of water; the Norway Spiral

John Mangels, The Plain Dealer,, May 26, 2011

Apollo 17 astronaut and geologist Harrison Schmitt collects samples from the moon's Taurus-Littrow valley in December 1972.

Richard C. Hoagland ( announced it on Coast to Coast a day in advance: The government has been lying about the Moon for decades. Now his announcement is officially confirmed:

Lunar samples show that parts of the Moon's interior are as wet as Earth's, new research shows.

Standing on the lip of the Moon's deep, dark Shorty Crater on Dec. 12, 1972, Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt looked down at his footprint in the dusty soil and did a double-take.

"Oh, hey! Wait a minute..." the usually businesslike Schmitt barked excitedly over the communications link to Mission Control a quarter-million miles away in Houston.

"THERE IS ORANGE SOIL!" he shouted. "It's all over! I stirred it up with my feet!" "Orange! Hey, he's not going out of his wits," fellow Moonwalker Gene Cernan verified.

With their oxygen supply dwindling, the two astronauts hurriedly scooped up and bagged samples of the pumpkin-hued grains for study back on Earth.

As Schmitt, a Harvard-trained geologist, suspected, the orange soil turned out to be an important find -- tiny beads of volcanic glass belched to the moon's surface during a violent eruption more than 3 billion years ago. More

Fukushima worse on sea than Chernobyl on land
(May 26, 2011) [There is a virtual media blackout about the radioactive fallout over the US from Japan.] Today Greenpeace reported that one of its research crews earlier in May 2011 tested water and marine life outside Japan's 12-mile territorial limit beyond Fukushima. Greenpeace radiation expert Jan Vande Putte said in a press release, “Despite what the authorities are claiming, radioactive hazards are not decreasing through dilution or dispersion of materials, but the radioactivity is instead accumulating in marine life.”
  • Gulf fish are sick from BP chemicals
  • Mysterious leopard shark die off in California (May 27) In April 2011, the California Fish and Game Department and the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation (PSRF) in Santa Cruz and Capitola, California, started getting phone calls about dead leopard sharks washed up on beaches. As reports increased, there seemed to be a pattern of the most deaths occurring in the San Francisco Bay regions of Redwood City, Foster City, Coyote Point, and Richardson Bay on the north side of Sausalito. The California Department of Fish and Game toxicology lab has done some necropsies on the shark bodies and discovered hemorrhaging around the internal organs and inflammation and lesions in the leopard shark brains. But so far no one understands what is killing the sharks.
The Message over Norway

In the extended pre-dawn darkness over Norway last December, as recounted in Parts I and II of this report, something truly amazing happened over Norway.

Reaction immediately divided into two totally opposing views. On one side are those who bought the official media story, namely, that "it was only another failed Russian missile test." On the other side are those who thought it might be something else this time.

As the Enterprise Mission has previously shown, there can be little doubt at this point that a Russian rocket was involved.

But the conclusion that everyone has jumped to -- with the exception of the Russians themselves -- is that the Russians somehow caused the spiral. But that leap is going too far. can now report that the Norway Spiral was NOT primarily caused by "a failed Russian missile test." This is based on analysis of extensive imaging evidence reported via the Norwegian press. More