Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News of the Day: Facebook Nation

The Atlantic Wire, May 24, 2o11
In Paris, today, French president Nicolas Sarkozy rubbed shoulders with tech industry superstars, including Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg, for the inaugural eG-8 meeting. The two-day event intends to prime the conversation at the Group of Eight summit set to take place later this week in Normandy. Sarkozy took a hard line in urging governments to better regulate the Internet. "Don't let the revolution that you've begun threaten everyone's basic right to a private life and full autonomy," he told the conferences attendees. "Full transparency… sooner or later runs into the very principle of individual freedom."

Dutch Jewish Groups Face Off Against Animal Activists
Opening Serve: Thieme, one of only two members of Dutch parliament representing the "far-left minority" Party for Animals, introduced a bill back in April that, according to, "would effectively outlaw kosher slaughtering in the Netherlands," including kosher slaughtering practices which require "that an animal be conscious when its throat is cut." Radio Netherlands Worldwide reported when the bill was first introduced that "The Animal Rights Party fervently believes that animals should not have to endure what they call torture in order to accommodate religious beliefs." In an op-ed at Radio Netherlands Worldwide entitled, "An Animal Doesn't Care About Its Killer's Faith," Thieme wrote that, despite the fact that the Qu'ran and Torah both "describe how animal products should be prepared in such a way that no such suffering is inflicting on humans or animals ... based on new insights, their methods of slaughter are in need of reform today. Religious believers can no longer justify a method that was ahead of its time 3000 years ago."

Fukushima out of control: melting down, contaminating sky and sea, being covered up.

10 Free Ways to Speed Up Computer
Computer boot up and Web page loading too slow? If computers are running slower, here are some things to do to get “old reliable” running in tip-top shape again. Of course, budget-savvy Nerd Chicks are always looking for ways to save some dough, so we’ve made sure they are all FREE.

Palin lets her religion show, confuses prophecy with history
(Commentary) Sarah Palin never seems far from saying things that invoke god's name or a biblical allusion. She has been known to be as blunt when sharing her religious beliefs as she is about most other issues. She spoke with Fox News' Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, telling her that Pres. Barack Obama was on the wrong side of history -- and god -- with his policy positioning on Israel. He announced that position during Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington. "Anyone who studies history," Palin told Fox News, "studies the Old Testament, studies geography, understands that Israel now is surrounded by enemies at all times. It should be now that America takes a stand in defending our friends in Israel."