Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roswell reveals US human experimentation

Bill Weir is a hack who probably did not read the book. Reader Mike ( says only about 1% of the book speaks of the new Roswell theory, whereas 99% contains other information concerning what went on in Area 51 including the men, atomic bombs, spy planes, and other things, some brought to light for the very first time. Annie Jacobsen did a wonderful job on this book regardless of Weir's dissembling.

ROSWELL, New Mexico (AP) – The world famous Roswell "incident" was no UFO. Rather [the latest deceptive claim is that it was] a Russian spacecraft with "grotesque, child-size aviators" developed in human experiments by infamous Nazi doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele, according to a theory floated by investigative journalist [and Area 51 author] Annie Jacobsen. [She is only reporting misinformation from her officially placed anonymous source.]

Is it true Roswell UFO was actually a Russian craft?

July 1947, then German designers of stealth technology the Horton Brothers were hunted down all under the purview and direction of American Nazi sympathizer V. Bush (from the famous Bush dynasty).

Jacobsen's book, Area 51: An Uncensored History Of America’s Top Secret Military Base, is about the secretive Nevada base called Area 51. One chapter offers the new Roswell theory, citing an anonymous source who says Joseph Stalin recruited Mengele and sent the craft into US air space in 1947 to spark public hysteria [as happened during the War of the Worlds radio incident].

Like past theories, Jacobsen writes that the US government was involved in a cover-up of the UFO report, which has spawned space alien legend and turned this southern New Mexico town into a tourist attraction. Bill Lyne, who self-published a book called Space Aliens From The Pentagon in 1993, agrees that the Roswell incident was faked. But he thinks the hoax was perpetrated by the US government -- not the Russians.

Roswell UFOs were originally reported to the media then denied ever after with cover story after cover story as suits the Pentagon and US clandestine services.

"They’re just saying what I’ve been saying all along, that it was a hoax," he told the Santa Fe New Mexican. "But that Mengele stuff is a bunch of hogwash because Mengele was recruited by the CIA (rather than the Russians), and he was actually brought to Albuquerque."

Clifford Clift of the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) in Greeley, Colorado, said he has not seen Jacobsen’s book but has read other articles that suggest the Roswell incident involved German technology. "After researching the claim, I found little truth in this theory," he said.

"It is a stretch. One of my concerns is if they wanted to create panic, why in New Mexico and not New York where there are more people to panic? I would suggest it is another conspiracy theory and, heavens, Mufon knows about conspiracy theories. They do sell books."

The US recruited Mengele for Human Experimentation
Annie Jacobsen appeared on Coast to Coast on Sunday, May 30, 2011 to discuss her book and facts not revealed by Terri Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air." While the entire story is specious, it led to the revelation that Nazi doctor Mengele was recruited by the US as well as working for Russia. His human experimentation not only involved eugenics but the creation of atrocities from dwarves and others the Nazis regarded as "subhuman." She went on to reveal the existence of DUMBs (deep underground military bases) in the form of tunnels that extend nearly a mile down; she was not able to substantiate the presence of vast bases in the area. However, she concluded that every famous myth is at least rooted in truth.