Friday, May 27, 2011

Real-life MONSTERS today (videos)

Shape shifting is rarely this dramatic but rather as natural and subtle as a chameleon.

Bigfoot (rakshasas)? Ha. Greys (kumbandhas)? Ha, ha. Giants (asuras), Mothmen (kinnaras), hunter-cam spirits (pretas, narakas), lake serpents, remnant dinosaurs, vipers (nagas, reptilians, shape-shifters)? Ha, ha, ha! This first video shows that Bigfoot could be as real as a related primate:

A real "Bigfoot," Oliver the Humanzee (half human, half chimpanzee) seems to be the result of inter-species breeding, bestiality, or fortuitous mutations.

Could Abominable Snowmen (yetis) and Bigfoots (rakshasas) be human-primate hybrids? Humans are close relatives of chimpanzees, so it would be like horses and donkeys producing mules -- in this case producing "humanzees" like Oliver. Bonobo-apes are even more closely related to humans. Reports of Sasquatches (the Native American word for Bigfoot) describe a very strong and intelligent bipedal ape.

It would all seem ludicrous if it were not for the corresponding entities in Buddhist cosmology and the increasing body of evidence for earthling creatures beyond our common experience.
Greys and human-alien hybrids who genetically manipulated humans from primates to Homo habilis to Homo sapien-sapiens to the future Homo spiritus.

Can cattle mutilation be explained as genetic manipulation and testing for radioactive fallout from old nuclear tests in Nevada?

Sea humanoids? Real-life human sea monsters, mermaids, and mermen?

If UFOs really exist, why don't they appear in daylight over large cities? Oh, they do?