Friday, May 13, 2011

World Today: Girls Become Sex Abusers

Wisdom Quarterly

In another sign of the impending apocalypse (that on the one hand shortens human lifespan but on the other hand "lifts the veil"), females are increasing on the abuser end of sexual misconduct. Long the domain of those in power, as females gain in status and privilege, they are increasingly prone to the pitfalls of social power.

It is not that males are more abusive by nature. They are filled with ideas of privilege, given a sense that they have a birthright by virtue of our sex, the right to exercise power and control, which usually stems from fear or insecurity. What are we afraid of? Intimacy, loss of control... What are females trying to gain through abuse? Safety, control, satisfaction...

The truth about cats and dogs: "The hurt hurt." Those abused often become abusive.

Sex differences are not fixed traits. They are mutable states. Even if one is a certain way from birth, the cause may be traced back to prior lives and habits. We condition our future in the same way. Those actions we will and carry out become habits and character traits, not by nature but by careless repetition.

How else would one explain the choices made by these young Midwestern teens?

Teen Girls Accused of Sexually Abusing Special Needs Boy

April Kutcha, 16, to be tried as adult

VALPARAISO, Indiana ( - A 16-year old girl will be tried as an adult after she and another teenager allegedly held a special needs boy against his will and sexually assaulted him.

The prosecutor's office filed four felony charges against 16-year-old April Kuchta including criminal confinement, sexual battery, and intimidation in connection with the attack.

The second suspect, a 14-year old girl, will be tried as a juvenile.

Investigators say Kuchta and the other teenager lured a developmentally disabled 17-year-old to come to Kuchta's home where they handcuffed him and jabbed him repeatedly with a knife.

According to court records, the victim told police that they recorded him on a cell phone doing and saying things against his will and Kuchta touched him sexually.

After leaving him handcuffed and covered with a blanket for two hours, the girls allegedly invited others over to witness the incident, according to local TV station WBBM. Kuchta is being held in Porter County Jail without bond. Source
Of course, the matter is not limited to teens. Sexual molestation by female adults is increasing or more widely reported, particularly in schools. That women would behave the same as men have traditionally behaved should come as no surprise -- unless we think the actions stem from traits rather than states. As women find themselves wielding powers, privileges, and discretionary income customarily confined to men, we should perhaps expect to see more not fewer stories like this:

Politician’s Wife Jailed for Mother-Daughter “Sex Triangle” with 13-Year-Old Boy

(Daily Mail, April 10, 2011) The middle-aged wife of an Arizona politician has been jailed for 13 years for a three year affair with a teenage boy.

Susan Brock began grooming the boy with presents such as an Xbox when he was just 11 years old.

The mother-of-three began having sex with the teen when he was 13 years old, and their affair continued until he was 17 years as she attempted to mold him into her "toyboy" [boy-toy] lover.

At the same time as she was sleeping with the teenager, her 18 year old daughter was also having sex with the boy. ["Like mother like daughter," we'll someday be saying.]

Rachel Brock will go on trial later this year but is likely to get a lesser sentence on her underage sex charges.

The mother-daughter sex triangle was revealed as Brock, 49, was jailed after pleading guilty to three counts of attempted sexual conduct.

Brock wept in court as she apologized for her behavior, which is said to have left her victim, now aged 17, suffering from "inescapable depression."

Her husband Fulton, who filed for divorce after his wife’s arrest on sex charges, is Supervisor in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Prosecutors had said church-going Brock was a predatory mom who had picked out the son of a family friend to satisfy her sexual desires.

She began molesting the boy when he was 14 years old with encounters often taking place in her Lexus car and at her home in Chandler, Arizona.

The [formerly] dark-haired homemaker also helped the teen have sex with his girlfriend and even supplied them with a "sex kit" including condoms. Brock’s three year affair came to light after her teen lover’s girlfriend told his parents.

Brock had been charged with 15 counts of abusing the teen, but under a plea deal reached in January pleaded guilty to three lesser charges. More
  • An apocalypse (Greek, apok├ílypsis, "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of humankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, that is, the veil to be lifted. The Apocalypse of John is the famous but apocryphal Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament or Christian "Bible."