Saturday, May 14, 2011

1984: Who's Blocking the Truth?

Wisdom Quarterly

(Based on What is the largest impediment to disclosure? The mainstream media. How will natural cures, planet-saving energy technologies that already exist, and information about our place in the cosmos get out to the world?

It will not be through the White House, Congress, Parliament, or the UN. Monopoly-corporations have too much potential profit to lose. So it has to be word-of-mouth and any other form of communication that goes against the stream.

But where is the media, the "fourth estate" in this democracy? It has failed us in favor of obscenely rich interests.

There were checks and balances built into our system of government. But when they don't check, they have no power to balance.

That is when and why we need "watch dogs" to keep an ever-attentive eye on all three branches of the government (executive, judicial, and legislative).

Someone on the board of AOL Time Warner and CBS is said to have declared in 1992,"The fourth estate is dead!" A Washington Post reporter is alleged to have bluntly pointed out that nothing important will ever be published in the major media.

Why? Corporate news outlets are part of the fiction, part of the PR campaign, part of the propaganda machine. We must look elsewhere to find out what is really going on. One outlet is the

What 1984 is really about
Wisdom Quarterly

People imagine that Orwell was worried about war, invasion of privacy, or torture. That was not his main concern. All of those things were going on in Buddhist Burma where imperial terrorist state England had created a police state in Southeast Asia.

Orwell imagined that given what was happening in England, Europe and the rest of the world was soon to follow the same course. He was writing in 1948 and chose the title of the book by simply inverting the last two digits. In the book, it is not possible to know what year it really is. The government has altered history, dates, the "truth."

What the book is really about is how the government got inside and altered people themselves. It was done systematically through language. By whittling down vocabulary, soon people did not have words for how they felt or what they thought. So they could no longer think it. They could no longer think of revolution, resistance, or rebellion. There was finally full-spectrum control.

This had first been achieved by shortening everything to acronyms and military-style short hand. The ubiquitous "telescreen" (all TVs, smart phones, cameras, video spying equipment) had helped this along. Today we see that texting is overcoming all other forms of communicating.

And this has affected our attention spans, ability to think critically, and watching what we say fearing we might get in trouble. What will the future be link if we continue in this way? We don't read. We won't email. We hardly speak face to face...