Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Living Electric Universe (Not Dying Nuclear)

Simple facts obliterate several of the pillars of egghead "mythematical psyence." While scientific method is a wonder, it is not allowed to work. Popular pseudo-science is owned by energy barons, corporate warmongers, and the central banks that fund the corporations.

"Quackademic" theories are forced on school systems, which do not allow their own teachers to instruct according to conscience or studies that contradict the issued textbook. The result is a kind of mind control limiting what is "acceptable" discourse. Contradictory science is ignored. Teaching falsehoods enslaves us with limiting ideas for decades. But even future generations do not get the truth that eventually comes out. Instead, they get a new party line to toe.

For example, explosion-based technologies (nuclear, coal, gas, oil) that burn fuels that multinational companies harvest and sell at top dollar are the only technologies we are taught. The history we are taught glorifies conquest and illegal resource acquisition.

Why are we not taught about free energy technologies?

Fuels and distribution-systems for fuels that have been built on the backs of millions of innocent and exploited people in oil producing lands are relentlessly promoted. Who owns the world, and who controls the system that enslaves us, pollutes us, and ruins the world while not even having the decency to fund the clean up? More