Wednesday, May 25, 2011

But the Rapture DID Happen (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
Camping speaks to media after failed prediction. Insists the Rapture did happen. Doomsday still on schedule for October (IBNTimes).

News outlets are misquoting and mischaracterizing failed Christian prophet Harold Camping. He said "Judgment Day" would be May 21, 2011. And it was, Camping insists. It's just that it was "spiritual" rather than physical. If people are committing suicide, that's their business.

We are therefore currently living through the tribulation. Doomsday will occur in October. The world was never going to end in May; it was always predicted by Camping to end in October. refunds! Take your complaints to God. Donations will not be returned, period:

Camping, the president of, said he will not return any money for those who have invested in the Doomsday campaign, despite the fact that his prediction has [apparently] failed. Family Radio has raised over $80 million of donations over the past five years. God is good that way. More

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