Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding (comedy commentary)

Amber Dorrian and the Editors (Wisdom Quarterly)
Monty Python comically explains what British and American governing options evolved from, the "divine right" of holy dictators.

"Ironic. The middle-class Middletons looked fabulous -- elegant, restrained, classy, and the Royals looked like a bunch of chavs. Beatrice and Eugenie -- the goggle eyed kids of the Porks -- looked liked they thought they were going to 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.' One of them looked like she'd shot a deer and worn the antlers. Wow, too much money, no looks, and zero taste is a bad combination. Sam Cam, fabulous" (Sukisue in The Telegraph).

(BBC Worldwide) The stereotype of the medieval British peasant is that of an ignorant wretch. Monty Python's Terry Jones discovers that peasants were in fact literate, emancipated, highly political and legally savvy, house proud and healthy, and responsible for the peasants revolt of 1381.

How wonderful for Kate and commoners everywhere. Yay! One of us makes it to the top by inheriting a nation of subjects and serfs! That's some prince charming.

It makes me wonder though, why do we unquestioningly buy into this terrible fantasy? Every girl wants to be looked up to, but do we want to rule and be worshiped as "royalty"?

Whereas we're the United States, Britain one once the United Kingdom, a multinational EMPIRE that did not keep its hegemony and tyranny a secret. We keep ours a secret, built in secret by economic hitmen and jackals. Of course, it's not us and it wasn't them; we're all victims of our governments do in our name. More cake and parades for everyone!

I want to be rich and famous, too, like Evita singing Don't cry for me, Argentina! But not on the backs of "commoners," which by default means everyone but royals. I prefer castles and mansions everyone can visit and hang out at over a "to the manor born" attitude that means everyone else sleeps in a barn with the livestock.

The wealth on parade -- the royal grounds, jewels, cars, carriages, and architecture -- was all stolen. It is the booty of war, invasions, and conquests, not to mention working on the backs of the Island's own peasants, lords, and patriots.